Architecturally-designed, highly customisable homes, built off-site, delivered to and assembled on your own, personal plot of land anywhere in New Zealand.
At Nook, our aim is to help people envision their own homes; to simplify the process of crafting and building them to exacting standards; and give our customers and their families personalised homes in which to forge memories of shelter and comfort. Nook: Modular, architectural homes with flexibility and sophistication.
Our founders
After finding the perfect piece of land, Brad and Jade went on a quest to build their first family home: a stylish, customisable, architectural, and high quality abode that was also cost-effective. With no success, the ideas started flowing: What if New Zealand had access to modern, high quality, prefabricated homes? It was with this simple premise of design and construction excellence at fair prices that allowed Nook to be born. Since then, the business has grown to over 40 people, and will soon be shifting to a custom-built factory in Kumeu, Auckland in early 2023, whilst retaining the positive work-culture and family-driven goals that motivated them in the first place.