Installation & transportation
Nooks can be delivered to the most unique and difficult-to-reach locations across New Zealand.
We understand what it is like to find that perfect plot in paradise and why logistics should help rather than be obstacles to building the perfect home. That is why Nooks are built off-site and then delivered and connected at your preferred New Zealand location — no matter how remote, secluded or inaccessible. Our customer service team is more than happy to arrange delivery by trucks, barge, ferry, crane, or even helicopter. Some of our most popular locations Include Waiheke Island, Mangawhai, Wellington, Martinborough, Great Barrier Island, Queenstown, and beyond.
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Site suitability

Nook homes are normally built as small modules in our factory and the modules are then assembled on-site. This modular method gives our teams added flexibility when it comes to transporting and accessing sites that are normally deemed difficult by other, more standard methods of construction.

During the pre-planning stage of your project, our transport team will undertake a site visit to assess your property’s accessibility, and any potential hurdles and actionable solutions that will need to take place prior to delivery.

After their site visit, our team will provide you with a personalised report specific to your site. This is accompanied by a clearly articulated action plan and explanatory visuals.

For most cases, our transport team will be able to assess both the transport needs and any special site requirements. However, some properties may need a second site visit from our lifting specialists, should there be any specific needs that fall outside of our transport team’s scope of work.


As part of our project management service, Nook will complete the necessary building foundations on-site. We offer a wide range of foundation systems, these are typically determined depending on the context of each individual property.

Our most popular pile systems are:

  • Traditional timber piles with concrete
  • Driven piles
  • Concrete slab
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