Building your family an asset with Nook

Building your family an asset with Nook

Property is one of the most historically consistent investments you can make, whilst in New Zealand we may be at the bottom of the current wave, on average, property prices in New Zealand have increased by approximately 6% annually over the past 70 years. 

If making a decision on your special project had been put on the back burner because of your uncertainty in the New Zealand economy, you haven’t been alone. However with the recent news that New Zealand is officially out of a recession now is the perfect time to bring that project to life. 

When you choose to build with Nook, you will build a high quality, low maintenance home that will be an asset for generations to come. To help guide your decision on why you should entrust Nook to build your family's asset, here are our top reasons why a Nook is the best investment you can make. 

  1. Quality Materials

Nooks come standard with high-quality materials, fittings, surfaces and finishes. You’ll appreciate the quality and longevity of your choices as we prefer to specify New Zealand products when possible, and to well known brands with a proven track record.

  1. Low Maintenance

When you’re making any investment, savvy investors will know that an investment that requires little maintenance is the best type. At Nooks we opt for the most low maintenance, long lasting materials on offer. No matter the climate conditions of your site, we know the need to have your home remain in the high quality condition you expect for as long as possible. Opting for Cladding such as Accoya which boasts a stain that lasts up to 8 years, this need to combine quality with low maintenance is front of mind.

  1. Hard to reach and unique locations are within reach with Nook

Our modular, prefabricated systems allow us to build, deliver and assemble Nooks in hard-to-reach locations and parts of the country that traditionally have limited trade supply or are unreached until now. This means that the home you’re able to create with Nook is something completely unique.

  1. Nook, a team you can trust

You can be confident with Nook’s 10 year warranty and 30+ years of experience. We have a proven, professional team of trusted designers, builders and most importantly, all trades who take care in the way they craft, connect and install your Nook. When you trust the team who are building your investment you’ll have the absolute confidence that we have that your Nook will nurture generations to come. 

Great investments are built over generations, through quality, long term decisions that are designed to withstand the test of time. When you’re looking to set your family up with an asset for generations to come, entrust the team of experts at Nook to deliver your unique investment. 

Explore our Design and Build options today and begin the journey of designing your families investment future.

No matter if you’re dreaming of a minor dwelling, a grand family home, or something in between,  speak with our team and we will help you realise the potential of your site.