A Nook Expert Connection

Expert Connection: The delivery day team who connect your Nook with your special site.

Precision, expertise and enjoyment, all key parts of ensuring that your Nook is delivered and connected to your special site in paradise while meeting our high standards of construction and design.

Dive into one of our recent and unique delivery days which will give you insight into the team who on the day take your Nook from modules in the factory to a home sitting on and connected to your site. 

Delivery Day of an Urban Nook

Every Nook's journey is different and the meticulous planning for this trip commences right from the start of the process to ensure there's no unforeseen complications or hurdles.

This Nook doesn’t have to travel far from our factory to its special site, but this shorter journey doesn’t impact the high levels of planning and care that go into getting it from factory to site.

Well before the sun has risen, the Nook has been separated into its modules and it is loaded on the truck, protected, and having its final look over to make sure it is primed for its journey. 

A trip south down the motorway and along local roads has been planned and the Nook makes it to site in a smooth and seamless journey.

Once on site Nooks truly come to life. Nooks team of experts are ready and waiting for the trucks and modules to arrive on the street and the magic of the Nook going from truck to a home on site within a matter of hours. 

On site for todays delivery we have: 

Nook Team

Our Nook Team consists of the project and construction experts who have planned, designed and built the Nook. They are on site to oversee the delivery and ensure that everything goes according to plan. Their role includes coordinating with the other on site teams, addressing any last-minute issues, and making sure the home is precisely placed on its concrete slab.

Delivery Truck Drivers

Delivery drivers are responsible for transporting module sections from our Nook factory in Kumeu to this special projects site. They have navigated the large and precious loads and ensured the modules arrive safely and on time. Their expertise in handling oversized loads such as the prefabricated Nook modules is crucial for our smooth delivery process.

Crane Operator

The crane operator is in charge of lifting the modular home sections from the delivery trucks and placing them precisely on the foundation. This requires a high level of skill and precision to ensure each Nook module is safely lifted and placed down in perfect alignment. The crane operator works closely with the Nook Team and other crew members to execute the placement smoothly. This on site delivery took the Nook modules extremely high into the air as they worked around surrounding native Pohutukawa trees and powerlines.


The videographer is a key team member at all of our deliveries, capturing the entire process of delivery day. Their footage is valuable for allowing us to share our clients special projects, to inspire your own and to provide our clients with memorable records of their home's first moments on site.

Traffic Management

The traffic management team are responsible for ensuring that the delivery process does not disrupt local traffic. They set up barriers, direct vehicles, and manage road closures required for the delivery. Their role is crucial for maximising safety and minimising any inconvenience to the local community the the delivery may cause.


Our clients are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their Nook and as one of the most special days of the build process they're onsite to watch the magic happen! Seeing your home being delivered to and assembled on site is always a significant and emotional moment.


Neighbours are often very curious spectators who gather to watch the unusual scenes as a dissected home is lifted meters into the air before becoming whole again. Their presence always adds a sense of community to the event as they witness the transformation of their neighbourhood. An urban site delivery such as this one often attracts an intrigued crowd.

Words can only do so much to evoke imagination of what delivery day looks like. View some of our favourite delivery day photos below:

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