Launching Modular Onsite Construction

Auckland! We are excited to announce we will be opening up a limited number of onsite modular builds for within the Auckland region, from January 2023.

Onsite construction will be available for minor dwellings starting at 50 sqm, as well as large designer homes up to 250 sqm. This is an amazing opportunity for sites where limitations apply to access of the site, or difficulty with delivering a fully prefabricated module to site.

Why Build Onsite With Nook?

  • Opportunity to have a Nook build completed, in instances where a fully prefabricated Nook can’t be delivered to site due to access restrictions.
  • It would likely be easier to obtain lending for traditional, onsite construction opposed to lending for a fully modular home.
  • Our typical construction methods allow us to build as efficiently as possible, along with using our trusted trades.
  • More design flexibility for bespoke plans, and standard plan customisations such as larger widths, & higher internal stud heights.

Limited Spaces

We have limited availability for onsite construction for the Auckland region only.

Your Piece Of Mind When Building With Nook

  • We are accredited by Master Builders, who complete regular financial checks and provide a non-completion insurance clause for our clients. This means that if we are unable to complete your build, Masterbuilders will -
  • We offer a security interest option for your build, therefore our clients own each stage of their build as each milestone/progress payment has been completed, providing security for yourself and your lending provider throughout the build in our factory or onsite.
  • Nook Homes is growing rapidly - With over 70 projects completed to date, and a 3000 sqm purpose-built factory on the horizon, we are becoming NZ’s top choice for architecturally designed, modular housing.

Secure Your Building Consent Before May 2023 & Save

As some bonus information, we wanted to let you know there is a nationwide price increase happening for all homes for any building consents that aren't lodged before May 2023, due to new H1 regulations. This will increase the requirements for windows, joinery, and insulation – Creating an increased cost in those building supplies. At Nook, we offer a full turn-key process which includes coordinating and lodging all of your consents, providing an interior design service, and project managing your build from beginning to end.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Nook Homes with a new perspective, bringing your vision to life through onsite construction.
Speak to one of our team today to explore your dream vision.