Nook Founders

The very first Nook

After finding the perfect piece of land, Brad Hollier and Jade Stack went on a quest to build their first family home: a stylish, customisable, architectural, and high quality abode. With no success, the ideas started flowing: What if New Zealand had access to modern, high quality, prefabricated homes? It was with this simple premise of design and construction excellence that allowed Nook to be born in early 2019.

The first Nook was built on a rural property, under the shelter of a farm shed, it was then taken to the Auckland Home Show as Nook's launch to the public. Transporting the first Nook was definitely a learning curve for both Brad and Jade –  the pair were still applying the last coat of paint on set up day. It was a huge success and proved the concept was something kiwis were interested in as a high quality, architectural modular solution. Working long hours the pair completed all aspects of the design, build, administration and marketing areas of the business, keeping a close focus on the details of each design, using only the highest quality materials.

Quickly gaining demand with their ability to deliver projects up to 65 sqm to a high standard, the opportunity to scale up became apparent and the pair expanded their design range to offer projects up to 130 sqm, whilst expanding into a larger Kumeu factory. Shortly after a second Penrose factory was established to accommodate the growing demand. Split between two factories at a total of 4000m2 combined, the Nook range began to grow offering larger architectural designs. 

Designer Series launched in 2021 features larger designs, wider footprints, increased stud heights and architectural features

Design focus

Identifying a gap in the growing prefab market for architecturally designed homes with high level customisation and finishing, Nook Homes brought on architects and drafts people to develop the offering to include larger floor plans up to 250sqm across a range of typologies not yet seen in the prefab market.

“We noticed that most of the prefab or modular housing companies offered fixed designs, with  limited finishes and limited customisation. We wanted to set ourselves apart from others within the industry and offer an end-to-end service from preliminary planning, through to onsite works and project management from beginning to end. We now offer a complimentary interior design service and landscaping design service that offers a wide range of high quality finishes and flexibility, to allow our clients to create a Nook that suits their property and requirements.” Jade Stack, Nook Homes co-founder.


Introducing the Designer Series, and Two Story Series in 2021 in response to client requests for larger designs, wider footprints, increased stud heights and architectural features, the Nook team created a range of designs including four Designer Series builds, plus two Multi-level designs ranging between 130sqm – 250sqm.

“We have grown at an incredibly quick pace, and have developed our team to include an architectural design team, pre-planning team, project management team, logistics manager, inventory manager, construction managers, interior designers, landscape designers, along with planners and consultants. When covid hit, it was definitely a new obstacle for us as we needed to adjust our operation by hiring an inventory manager and additional administration staff to manage sourcing materials, whilst managing larger stock levels, and implementing inventory management systems. Along with managing larger stock levels, we needed to work with our VCFO to manage our cashflow forecasts. We were in a beneficial position due to being a prefab company, as it meant that we were able to hold large stock levels due to being factory-based, unlike many traditional construction companies.”   Jade Stack, Nook Homes co-founder.


This year, Nook has a team of over 40 full time staff, including registered, licensed building practitioners, architects, logistics managers, project managers, construction managers and inventory managers. Along with a trusted team of contracted tradespeople including plumbers, electricians, roofers, planners, finishing specialists, planning specialists, and consultants. 

The company has dropped their minor dwellings offering to focus on larger builds between 80sqm up to 250sqm, with a purpose built factory being constructed early 2023. The 8500sqm property will have a 3000sqm factory, plus a 250sqm office and design studio. 

With uncertainty in the prefabrication market due to issues with materials and resource, Nook are more confident than ever that they have built their business to withstand many obstacles with the support of accountants, a VCFO service, monthly board meetings to discuss business planning, forecasting, and implementation processes and policies.

Nook specialise in delivering homes nationwide, and to the most hard to reach locations around the country, including locations such as Waiheke Island, Wellington, Martinborough, Wanaka, Great Barrier, Mangawhai and more. 


“Our vision with Nook is to provide kiwis with their dream homes, without the weather delays and cost overruns that come with traditional onsite builds – we have the ability to build on timber piles, and a concrete slab like traditional onsite construction, with precise construction methodology. 

We have trusted design partners who are the best in the market and we now have reputed architects and developers recommending Nook to their networks. Offering a wide range of options in terms of design and finishes, we can scale up to 250sqm, and we can deliver our Nooks to almost any location in the country, no matter how remote. Ultimately, a passion for minimalistic design is at the core of everything we do ’ – Brad Hollier, Nook Homes co-founder